18 January 2011

1 year old.

Hey everyone!

I thought I would start up blogging again on my blog's birthday. That's right it's been a year since I started up GGC. Crazy how time flies...

The rest of this week is going to be great. I've got a giveaway coming up tomorrow, just a small one to get things kicking again. And I'll finish off the week with some swatches. I was hoping to swatch the new Katy Perry collection, but it hasn't hit my town yet. I'm on a call list so as soon as it gets here, I will have it. Instead I will be swatching some old OPI polishes. I was one of the lucky 150 fans to win in the Facebook giveaway and my prize set arrived today!!! So expect those swatches starting tomorrow!!

Thank you for celebrating my blog's first birthday with me! You mean the world to me! I <3 you! :)



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