07 September 2010

Beauty Tips That Changed My Life

There are many beauty tips that I could list here, but these are the ones that truly make a difference in my life.

1. Use a toothbrush to work cuticle oil into the cuticle. Results are amazing. My cuticles never look better than when I use my trusty toothbrush. Uh, it's not the same one I use on my teeth. That would be nasty. I suggest separate ones. ;) 

2. Only use products from the same line for face wash/moisturizer/etc. My skin has never looked better! The chemical war on my skin is no more! 

3. A paintbrush is amazing for cleaning up your nails. If you look at my first swatches...yikes! Now, I can not paint my nails without cleaning them up to perfection. Or as close to perfection that I can achieve. 

4. Eyebrows aren't supposed to be identical twins. Just sisters. Do you know how hard I tried to get them to be exactly the same! Ugh! It's great not having to worry about that anymore. 

5. Switch it up! Wearing the same eyeshadow or whatever day in and day out gets old. Have fun with makeup, hair styles, clothes, and, of course, nail polish!

Okay, now it's your turn. Tell me about the beauty tip that changed your life, or your beauty habits, at least. Leave a comment and maybe I'll compile a list from everyone and we can share our amazing tips with the world!



  1. Great tips, I use a sponge tip make up applicator for my cuticle oil!

    Never on my eyes, though, that's what brushes are for.



  2. Great list, I think you have all the tips I know... haha



  3. Great tips! I, too, have seen a world of difference with cleanup using a paintbrush. As for the other beauty routine...use moisturizer. I hadn't used facial moisturizer until about 5 years ago - what a difference!!


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