23 June 2010

I'm Back!!

Hello, how's everyone doing? I know it's been quite a while since I posted something! I've had a lot going on! I've finally adjusted to my new work schedule and I'm loving it. Not really loving getting up at 5:30am but oh well! I'm not staying with my Grandma anymore. She's recovering quickly from her surgery and so I moved back home. She's an amazing woman. Very inspiring!

I've got a few posts lined up, including my Zoya Exchange haul, swatches from my swap with Fleur's Nails & Stuff, another nail art tutorial, and a new nail art contest. So please keep coming back for those fun posts!

Love and Nail Polish,


  1. Yeah so I think you should post some of the million and one pictures you have on your hard drive of all the polishes that you did. Yeah. Stop being a lazy bum! :P

    PS I love you.

  2. haha, They'll be up soon! Stop being impatient! And I'm not lazy, just busy and tired. I feel old. haha This weekend I will probably do a couple posts.


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